5 effective tips for affiliate marketing

One of the main reasons why many people fail at affiliate marketing is because of lack of knowledge beforehand and proper research of what they’re trying to promote. The Internet changes rapidly every day and if you are still doing the same things that marketers were doing back in, let’s say 2008, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Here are a few sure fire tips to follow for a successful affiliate marketing campaign.
1. Choose the right niche FIRST
DO NOT pick a product to promote before you choose your niche (market). If you are interested in promoting a product, you have to first ask yourself, is the market that this product is in a HOT market right now? Are people constantly discussing things related to this niche? Are there any active forums about this niche? Following current trends is a guaranteed way of finding controversial markets. You need to also make sure that your niche is one with interested buyers and not just lookers.
2. Branch out and don’t limit yourself
Anyone can become (or sound like) a professional on any topic with the help of the Internet, so if you do your niche research and find a popular, high paying niche but you know absolutely nothing about it, DO NOT shy away from it. Read some articles on Ezine and participate in forums involved in your niche and you’ll find yourself learning about your market in no time. Also consider buying and reading a few of the popular products related to the niche (that is, if they’re eBooks).
This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when starting out in affiliate marketing. They shy away from promoting a product because of the competition that they have to face with it. If there is a lot of competition for a product, then people are OBVIOUSLY making money from it. Your only concern is getting traffic coming to your links, and depending on the type of strategies that you implement and how popular your niche is, traffic can come easy.
4. Don’t waste your time on low commission products
No matter how high the conversion rate may be for a product or how popular it may be at the time, if you’re not making any real money from it, then it’s not worth your time. My personal general rule of thumb is if a product pays out less than $20 commission, then I don’t bother with it. So where do you find the real money at? Information products such as video/audio courses usually tend to pay out pretty high, and products with recurring billing are another sure thing. Make sure the product’s site is getting constant traffic every day too by researching it on Compete.com or a similar tool/site.